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Brand Introduction

BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. owns BMW brand and ZINORO brand and all new BMW 3 Series (incl. standard wheelbase and long wheelbase), BMW 5 Series Li, BMW 1 Series Sedan, new BMW X1, BMW X3, innovative BMW X2, new BMW X1 PHEV, BMW 530Le E-range Extension and ZINORO 60H.

BMW Brilliance Products

  • BMW 530Le E-range Extension

    Equipped with BMW Group’s leading eDirve technology, BMW 530Le E-range Extension achieves a perfect balance among energy density, performance, safety and efficiency. The e-range increased to 95 kilometers, and the fuel consumption per kilometer is further decreased to 1.5 litres. The enhanced environmental performance and luxury intelligent technologies, leading BMW’s electric driving pleasure to a new high level.


  • New BMW X1 PHEV

    With a pure electric range of 110 km, the new BMW X1 PHEV has become the model with the longest e-range in the Chinese plug-in hybrid market. Its innovative battery technology and energy management, comprehensive driving control, off-road performance, and digital technologies further consolidate the leading position of the new BMW X1 PHEV in its segment. The powerful hybrid drive system perfectly interprets the unique style of the pioneer model in the luxury plug-in hybrid market.


  • Innovative BMW X2

    Innovative BMW X2 is the youngest member of BMW X Family with distinctive characteristics. Its sleek and sporty exterior design, agile handling with unparalleled driving dynamics and cutting-edge connectivity build up a quintessential example of premium compact SAC.


  • BMW X3

    The BMW X3 has 12 industry-leading features and 20 high-end configurations as standard, giving the entry-level X3 variant a premium touch. The all-new X3 is developed on the CLAR platform, its lightweight construction is consistent with overseas models, and the weight of Body-in-White is reduced by 55kg compared with previous generation. Combining the renowned and improved 2.0T engine with the 8-speed automatic transmission, the all-new BMW X3 has the best dynamic performance in segment.


  • BMW 5 Series Li

    The BMW 5 Series Li is developed and tested synchronously with the standard wheelbase version of the overseas market. It is tailor-made for the Chinese customers and is the most sporty business sedan that meets all your aspirations. The new 5 Series Li sets new benchmarks in China’s premium business sedan segment with competitive edges in dynamic styling, fascinating driving, top class well being and cutting-edge connectivity.


  • BMW 1 Series Sedan

    The BMW 1 Series Sedan is the most sporty compact sedan for young self-expression, tailor-made for Chinese young customers under BMW global platform. It sets benchmark in Chinese premium compact sedan segment with sporty design, best-in-class dynamic performance and cutting-edge connectivity.


  • BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

    Boasting a large space capacity and equipped with advanced technology, an elegant appearance in gorgeous body colors make this car the typical dynamism and aesthetics design of a true BMW. The New BMW 2 Series Tourer can meet demands of modern family in the new generation: whether traveling for family or going for a ride in the most fashionable places around the city.


  • THE 3

    The All-new BMW 3 Series is evolved through times with the essence of each generation BMW. The new design language integrates dynamic and aesthetic, manifesting thrilling luxury. The interior design follows the classic driver-focus principle, adding a brand new modern aesthetic spirit. The newly-upgraded BMW intelligent connectivity system links man, car and the world into one. Inherited the driving pleasure from its predecessors, the outstanding 4-cylinder Twinpower Turbo engine and 8-speed transmission brings powerful sensations.


  • New BMW X1

    Compact appearance, spacious and flexible interior. All-New BMW X1 offers the best sense of control no matter in urban diving or off-road. All engine codes for All-New BMW X1 follow the philosophy of BMW Efficient Dynamics, aiming to provide maximum power on road running as well as the minimum fuel consumption.



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