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BMW Brilliance Launches Sustainability Report 2020

June 07, 2021

(Beijing) On June 7th, BMW Brilliance officially released BMW Brilliance Sustainability Report 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the “Sustainability Report”), its eighth sustainability report since 2014. BMW Brilliance continues to lead the green development of the automotive industry, again ranking #1 in the Automotive Enterprise Green Development Index in 2020. Continuing to use 100% renewable electricity in its Shenyang production base, BMW Brilliance was also awarded the “National Green Plant” title for the fourth consecutive year. On the basis of a 12.3% increase in production, BMW Brilliance also achieved a reduction of 7.5% in CO2 emissions per vehicle produced in 2020 (an 84% reduction compared to 2016).

Dr. Johann Wieland, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. said, "BMW Brilliance has been publishing its Sustainability Report annually since 2014 under the guidance of BMW Group. This report is not only our transparent and responsible disclosure, but also our answer to BMW’s sustainability commitment, as well as a review of our contribution to society. We will reinforce our sustainability efforts across the value chain and enable sustainable development with the most advanced technology and the latest technological innovations. We will also utilize our core advantages to help solve the urgent problems faced by the industry, society and the world, and make more practical contributions to local communities and Chinese society."

Under the umbrella of BMW Group’s 2030 Sustainability Strategy, BMW Brilliance refined three sustainability strategic directions in 2020: climate change actions; accountable, circular, and resilient value chain; and responsible corporate citizenship.

Tackling Climate Change Challenges with Carbon Reduction Actions to Shape a Sustainable Future

Guided by BMW Group's 2030 sustainability goals, BMW Brilliance continues to promote low-carbon transformation in production and logistics through methods such as optimizing energy management and expanding low-carbon transportation modes.

In 2020, the all-electric BMW iX3 officially made its world premiere and was released to the global market. BMW Brilliance HVB Centre II had its official opening, becoming the first location worldwide to produce fifth-generation BMW high-voltage batteries. The new BMW 5 series plug-in hybrid features BMW’s innovative battery technology, improving its e-range by 42% under pure electric mode compared to previous generations.

In 2020, for each vehicle produced BMW Brilliance reduced energy consumption by 7.4%, water consumption by 17.9%, and waste for disposal by 60% compared to 2019. In terms of logistics, 78% of BMW Brilliance’s finished vehicles could wholly or partially be transported by rail, reducing CO2 emissions per unit for outbound logistics by 51.3% compared to 2014.

At the same time, BMW Brilliance began laying the foundations for the low-carbon transformation of its supply chain, launching the Supply Chain Climate Change Initiative to jointly reduce the carbon footprint of the supply chain together with its supplier partners. In addition, BMW Brilliance is committed to enhancing the responsibility of the value chain, actively driving suppliers to fulfill their social responsibilities by developing a “Supplier Social Responsibility Code of Conduct”. For its outstanding performance in sustainable supply chain management, BMW Brilliance received the United Nations Global Compact China Network's “2020 Best Enterprise Practices for Achieving SDGs”.

BMW Brilliance has also advanced a number of initiatives and made significant progress in raw materials and batteries recycling, parts remanufacturing and green packaging. Working closely with steel manufacturing partners, BMW Brilliance created its first closed-loop production system for recycled steel to continuously promote the recycling of raw materials and further implement the concept of sustainability in the supply chain. In 2020, BMW Brilliance achieved a cumulative recycling volume of 45,000 tons within the loop.

Empowering Premium Performance with Industry 4.0 Technology

On the basis of implementing Total Quality Management and a “Zero Defect" goal, BMW Brilliance is extensively applying artificial intelligence and 5G technology to improve its processes and product quality. The products delivered by BMW Brilliance plants are of the highest quality overall among BMW Group’s global plants network. This accomplishment demonstrates that innovative technology greatly enhances sustainable development.

In 2020, several BMW Brilliance car models won the 2020 China Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index (CACSI) from CAQ. The new BMW 3 series scored the five-star plus rating among all vehicles tested by CATARC in the 2020 C-NCAP.

At the same time, BMW Brilliance's accident frequency rate (per one million hours worked) was down 47.1% from 2019.

Creating Shared Value for Chinese Society as a Responsible Corporate Citizen

BMW Brilliance believes that sustainable development goes beyond environmental protection and low-carbon initiatives—caring for people and society is as important as tackling climate change and building a responsible value chain.

BMW Brilliance’s sustainable growth is powered by its people and business partners. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, BMW Brilliance is still actively investing in talent development, and continuously modelling an inclusive, diverse and empowering culture for its employees. BMW Brilliance has also developed a sustainable training and talent development ecosystem for its employees, dealer partners and future talents to help them reach their full potential while achieving BMW Brilliance’s business goals.

Guided by strategic CSR,BMW continues to advance its three flagship CSR programs - BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education, BMW China Culture Journey and BMW JOY Home - in a flexible and innovative manner, and takes practical actions to fulfill its long-term commitments to local communities and Chinese society. In 2020, the total number of BMW CSR activities’ beneficiaries exceeded 11.5 million.

The year of 2021 marks the beginning of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan. Under the guidance of BMW Group’s sustainability strategy, BMW Brilliance will continue to act as a role model in shaping the future of mobility with a green, low-carbon and sustainable individual mobility ecosystem.

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