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Travel With Propriety, Travel Safely With Children
2021 BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education Kicks Off

May 28, 2021

(BEIJING) 28 May, ‘The Conference on the Improvement of Children’s Traffic Safety Education’ and ‘2021 BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education Kick-off Ceremony’, jointly organized by BMW China, BMW Brilliance and China Communication Television Broadcasting Network, was held in Beijing. In response to calls from the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security to improve traffic safety awareness, the BMW Children Traffic Safety Education joins forces with the China Children’s Press, under the guidance of the Traffic Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, launch the ‘Travel With Propriety, Travel Safely With Children’ initiative, to help raise public awareness of propriety in traffic safety.

The Action Plan for Promotion and Education on Traffic Safety (2021-2023) issued by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security in early 2021 proposes the overarching goal, which is to strengthen the awareness among citizens of traffic safety, laws, regulations, and propriety.

The conference saw the launch of a joint advocacy in response to the Action Plan for Promotion and Education on Traffic Safety (2021-2023), incorporating the voices of attendees from various sectors of society including, public welfare groups such as the BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education, the Road Traffic Safety Research Center of the Ministry of Public Security, China Children Press and Publication Group, as well experts in law, culture and communications, volunteers, and local traffic police. The advocacy seeks to comprehensively optimize and improve children’s traffic safety publicity and education efforts, strengthen collective social efforts to improve traffic safety, and contribute to the overarching goal of improving awareness of traffic safety, law, regulations and propriety.

President and CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co. Ltd. Dr. Johann Wieland noted, “No responsibility, no premium. BMW’s corporate social responsibility philosophy states that a leading business must have a corporate mission that goes far beyond sales and profitability — it should seek to continuously contribute to the progression of society. The BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education is one of our most successful CSR programs, having run for 17 years to date. With our partners, the BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education continues to produce innovative content, and strengthen the integration of dealers, car owners, the general public and other stakeholders, making innovative contributions to the improvement of traffic safety education.”

In order to address the current gap in school and family education surrounding children’s traffic safety education, this year, the BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education enrich the content with the concept of ‘Safety’, ‘Propriety’, ‘Regulations’ and ‘Legal’, which will released through the ‘Children’s Traffic Safety Education’ online platform ( http://jtaq.k618.cn) , providing teachers and students, as well as parents and children with a more convenient way to learn about the knowledge of traffic safety. This year, in keeping with the times, BMW will launch BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education roadshows in four major cities — Beijing, Hefei, Nanjing and Shenzhen — which will be free and open to the public. Also, China Education Development Foundation BMW Warm Heart Fund will donate traffic safety education toolboxes, traffic safety propriety package, safety vests and yellow caps to the schools and organizations alongside, to provide resource support of traffic safety to schools and teachers, and further implement traffic safety education in school for quality education.

Representative of the China Children’s Press and Publication Group remarked, “Through the innovative transformation and use of the Chinese cultural value of ‘propriety’, the ‘Travel with Propriety, Travel Safely with Children’ children’s traffic safety education initiative addresses the most pressing issues in public awareness in a manner that is understandable and practical. The concept at the core of traffic etiquette is ‘propriety’: that is, respect between people, and the respect of order in the relationship between people, as well as the relationship between people and society. This takes form in several scenarios, characterised by three core concepts: ‘propriety’ as a pedestrian, passenger and a driver. This explores points of connection between traditional culture and modern society, helping parents and children to understand and practice ‘propriety’ through the marriage of knowledge and practical experience, thereby improving traffic safety awareness and behaviour. This is an excellent and innovative example of the promotion of traditional Chinese culture advocated by the government, in a ‘creative and transformative’ manner that effectively enhances awareness of traffic safety.”

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