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As a leader of global premium automobile manufacturers, BMW Group is constantly looking ahead. BMW Group not only integrates sustainability throughout its entire value chain, but also includes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an integral part of its sustainable development strategy, and in turn achieves the joint sustainable development of corporate, society and the environment.

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As an advocate and practitioner of strategic CSR, BMW leverages its own resources and core competitive advantages based on the realistic demands of the Chinese society. And through clear self-positioning, innovation and a sustainable operation model, BMW effectively promotes various stakeholders’ long-term and active participation to address social issues and create shared value. Guided by strategic CSR, BMW holds true to its three principles: long-term commitment, addressing social issues, and all-stakeholder engagement.

BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education

BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education (CTSE) is a BMW expert CSR programprogram that targets children’s road safety in China, and aims to improve children and adults’ road safety awareness. Leveraging its core competencies to respond to the society’s hottest issues, BMW CTSE introduces new ideas to children’s road safety education to get to the root of the issue. Creating shared value and positively impacting many children and families across China, this program is an exemplary representation of BMW’s strategic CSR.

BMW China Culture Journey

BMW China Culture Journey is a BMW iconic CSR program that aims to promote and conserve the traditional Chinese culture as well as intangible cultural heritage through in-depth exploration, cultural exchanges and product exhibitions. Integrating traditional Chinese culture rich in history into modern life using innovative methods, this program inspires sustainable development and demonstrates an a successful example of corporate involvement in the conservation of intangible cultural heritage.


BMW JOY Home is a BMW exclusive stakeholder engagement program tailored to help left-behind children in China’s underdeveloped areas. This program widely engages BMW customers, dealers, associates and other warm-hearted people across the nation, and aims to provide left-behind children with equal development opportunities. In 2017, in line with BMW’s CSR strategy upgrades, BMW JOY Home achieved its strategic transformation. To address left-behind children and migrant children’s real and urgent needs, BMW JOY Home launched the all-new program theme of “Joyful Football”, leveraging its core competencies and upgrading from charitable donations to the empowerment of its beneficiaries.

BMW Sustainability & CSR Forum

BMW has consistently dedicated itself to being a good corporate citizen, actively performing the obligations of its localization strategy, and contributing to the sustainable development of China. With an international perspective, BMW has run the BMW Sustainability & CSR Forum in cooperation with various partners since 2013, providing a platform for key stakeholders to demonstrate, share and exchange their experiences in sustainability, while involving extensive social forces to encourage creative ideas and practices on corporate social responsibility.

China Charity Federation BMW Warm Heart Fund

The foundation of our CSR efforts is the China Charity Federation BMW Warm Heart Fund, which was established jointly with the China Charity Federation (CCF) in 2008. As a platform for all-round stakeholder engagement, China Charity Federation BMW Warm Heart Fund not only supports a wide array of programs and partners across the country, but also brings together BMW customer representatives, dealers and employees to give back to society.

CSR Awards

For years, BMW has been adhering to the concept of sustainable development, pursuing the harmonious development between corporate and society, passing honesty and warm heart to the public, and contributing to the society with innovative CSR concept. Therefore, BMW has been widely recognized and received many CSR awards.

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